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Shop Baker County Login Instructions

How to Register an Account!

  1. Go to 
  2. Click on “Login or Register” in the top menu
  3. Create a username, and input an email address and password to create your account. 
  4. You will be brought to your Dashboard where you can see all of your Bookmarks and Reviews.
  5. If you are a business, please continue onto the next steps for further instruction on how to claim, edit, or create a listing.

How to Claim Your Listing:

  1. Login to the site and check to see if your listing is already uploaded to the Directory- we’ve uploaded more than 529 businesses, organizations, destinations, and great things to see while in Baker County.  Enter your business’s name into the Search Bar. If it comes up, click on your listing, and scroll below the photo (if one has been uploaded).
  2. If the listing currently has no author assigned, a button with the Claim Listing label should be visible similar to below:

    Click the Claim Listing button.
  3. Enter the details for claiming the listing and press Submit.
  4. Please include one document in jpeg, pdf, png, tiff, docx to confirm your ownership of the listing.
  5. Once your claim is approved, you can edit your listing as you wish.

Editing your Listing:

  1. Once your claim has been approved, when you log into Shop Baker County you will have additional features on your Dashboard that allow you to edit all of the information in your listing. 
  2. Title: The name of your business- please confirm spelling, punctuation and capitalization. 
  3. Categories: Categories- there are two types. Parent and Child. For example, you will see:

Arts & Humanities



–Concerts and Live Music

Arts & Humanities is the “Parent” category, while “Architecture, Artists, Concerts and Live Music” are the “Child” categories. Select as many as are applicable to your business.

  1. Country: This is which city you reside in, the drop down menu will help your selection.
  2. Address Line 1: Please include your full address in this line including Suite or other designating building information.
  3. Postal/Zip Code: Input your zip code
  4. Click Find on map to help Google locate your business
  5. Infill pertinent information into boxes Phone Number, Fax Number, E-mail Address, Website URL and Social Accounts.
  6. Features: Check any boxes that pertain to your business’s operations
  7. Listing Description:  This is your chance to describe your business in detail, the more information you put in this the better! Are you a restaurant? This would be a great place for a menu. Do you operate a family owned business, people want to know!
  8. Photos: You are allowed 5 images up to 150mb of which you can change out as you need.
  9. Price Range: Drag the sliders to show what your price range is if applicable.
  10. Opening Hours: Select the days, and times that you are open. This will help visitors and locals know your hours readily while they learn more about you. 
  11. Date Established: This helps customers know how long you’ve been in operation. This is not required.
  12. Tags: These help further describe your business for online searches and are meant to be specific. Are you a Hairdresser? Tags like “Hair, Hair Cuts, Salon, etc.” or start typing into the Tags box and it will auto populate tags that are already in the Directory. 
  13. Click Submit
  14. You’re all done!