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Canva Resources

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Canva is an easy-to-use graphic design site. You can use Canva to create anything from letters to business cards to promotional items such as t-shirts or baseball caps. Canva designs can be downloaded in a variety of file formats, or you can order them directly from the Canva website to be printed on products and shipped directly to you.

  1. Go to
  2. Create a Canva account
    1. You can create/log into your account using your Google email account
  3. Choose a size template best suited for your project
    1. Use the search bar to find one that works for you
    2. Or click “custom size” to create a blank custom project
  4. Choose a design template to edit, or edit the blank canvas
    1. The template you previously chose will determine the size of the project, this one will add elements to the canvas
    2. The size template you chose may have elements already added to it, or it may be blank
  5. Choose “elements” to add to your design
    1. Add a background to your design
    2. Add images or shapes to your design
      1. You can upload images from your computer or use the ones provided by Canva
    3. Add text to your design
    4. Click on the “more” button to add photos, styles, audio, videos, backgrounds, charts, or to view folders
  6. Give your design a title


  • Canva, like Google, automatically saves your designs as you edit
  • You can add people to edit/view your design by entering their email address in the “Share this Design” box, or you can make it publicly accessible to anyone with the link
  • Click the “notes” button on the bottom left side of the screen to add presenter notes
    • Canva designs can be easily presented to a group
  • Use the “Insights” button to see data collected about how many people view your public designs
  • Click the “share” button in the top right corner to share, present, download, print (aka order), or otherwise share your design
    • To print a design from your computer, you must first save it as a file, the print option on Canva will allow you to order the design

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